Have the Homeless Become Invisible#當家人成為街友

A new video shows people in New York City walking right past and not recognizing loved ones sitting on the sidewalk and dressed as if they were homeless.
Created for New York Rescue Mission’s Make Them Visible project, the video includes the opening question ‘Have the homeless become so invisible we wouldn’t notice our own family members on the street?’
Relatives were then captured on hidden camera walking past, as they believed they were going to an interview nearby for an upcoming ‘documentary.’

這部為了「紐約救援任務」(New York Rescue Mission)慈善團體「讓他們被看見」計畫所拍攝的影片,蘊含著一個重要問題「大眾對街友是否已如此視而不見,甚至當自己的家人流浪街頭都不會發現?」


The sad truth about homelessness is that familiarity breeds invisibility. Even the most compassionate city-dwellers are likely to get inured to the sight of someone on the street who doesn’t look like they have anywhere else to go. Eventually, everyone tunes out–you can’t save the entire street no matter how much you care, so you put up a thousand-yard-stare defense. Still, the invisibility of homelessness is also one of the reasons that people who are in that position feel like they have such a hard time being treated as human beings–people look past them, rather than at them.


影片官網 – http://www.makethemvisible.com/
文章節錄自 Daily Mail, Fast Company




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