Bars & Melody – Hope#兩位男孩演出超過2000萬人點閱反霸凌神曲(中英字幕)


兩位年僅十幾歲的小男孩令英國達人秀(Britain’s Got Talent )的裁判們全部將眼鏡跌得粉碎。他們重新詮釋了經典電影《卡特教頭》(Coach Carter)主題曲:Twista Feat. Faith Evans – Hope(希望),將其中rap的部分改編成自己遭受霸凌的親身經歷。

Bars and Melody二人組風靡全場的演出也讓所有觀眾不禁熱淚盈眶並起立鼓掌。「他們將自己的人生遭遇寫成歌曲,這點我很喜歡,」裁判Simon Cowell在這場演出後告訴ITV,「觀眾將會對他們表示支持,而當你看到他們相處就知道他們明顯擁有深厚的友誼。」正是這位裁判將他們送進準決賽。

但好消息不只如此,Bars and Melody的演出似乎還讓一些霸凌者悔悟,向他們的受害者道歉或是從此停止他們的霸凌行為。


Bars & Melody - Hope#兩位男孩演出超過2000萬人點閱反霸凌神曲(中英字幕)


接受英國《太陽報》(The Sun)訪問時,Leondre說曾經霸凌他的人已向他聯絡致歉,而他也選擇原諒。「那是一段令人難以想像的過去,但『殺不死你的使你更強悍』(註)。這首歌所要傳達的訊息就是要人昂首闊步、樂觀進取。」


Two teenage boys wowed the Britain’s Got Talent judges with their rendition of Faith Evans and Twista’s “Hope," changing the rap verses to reflect their feelings about bullying.

The duo — Bars and Melody — delivered an emotional performance that brought audience members to their feet and tears to some of their eyes. “I like the fact that they wrote their own song based on life experiences," judge Simon Cowell told ITV on the network’s website after the audition. “People are going to root for them and they’ve got this great friendship that is so obvious when you watch them together.

The judges have moved Bars and Melody into Britain’s Got Talent’s semi-finals.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. It appears Bars and Melody has influenced bullies to apologize to their victims or stop their bullying altogether.

“I have been bullied by a lot of people since I was young — I have been to 12 or 13 schools since I was seven,” he revealed. “There was lots of physical bullying and then when Facebook came along, there was cyberbullying too.

“It was a horrible time but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The message of the song is to keep your head up.”

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Leondre said he did forgive the bullies who had got in contact to apologise.

He explained: “The people who bullied me at my old school have private messaged me to say: ‘Leondre, I’m proud of you and I’m sorry’. I forgive them because you don’t know what they are going through at home.”

Bars & Melody - Hope#兩位男孩演出超過2000萬人點閱反霸凌神曲(中英字幕)


文章來源 Source:Mashable , tellymix註:"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."──Friedrich Nietzsche 尼采



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